How I caught my wife cheating :(

I had a successful marriage for over 7 years and it looked like perfect relationship for some time. I am now 35, no wife and completely enjoying my life. Wanna know what happened? I caught my wife cheating.

I had a decent job in the office trying to pursue my career so I often had to stay in the office till late. My wife was a consultant, so she was travelling a lot. I helped her to start. When we married, she didn’t have a penny, I made it all for her!

Things changed somehow 2 years ago. She started travelling more frequently, not responding to my calls when away. She tried to avoid being naked after she took a shower and I had a feeling she started hiding her phone from me. Of course, we still had sex, but she looked distant explaining that she was exhausted, had to work on another project, had a headache and what not. I though that I was loosing her and I didn’t know why.

This lasted for 7 or 8 months. I tried to be the most loving and caring husband but she never seemed to notice. I tried to talk but she would usually say it’s all ok.

After one of her trips I noticed she had a new silver necklace shaped as heart. I noticed she was touching it from time to time thinking about something, with that dreamy happy look you know. That felt strange as I never gave it to her. I was siting there looking at her and then it stroke me. She probably had someone else.

That was a hit below the belt. I gave her everything I could and what she probably never deserved. But she let me down completely.

I felt deep hate and anger inside me and I wanted to find out who was that. I had no idea how to do that/ I couldn’t hire a detective to spy her, she was travelling too often at that time. I suspected that was someone from Austin, the place that she visited most often but I was never sure. So I googled “how to catch a cheating spouse”.

Apart from the articles about cheating signs I occasionally found out on quora that there is a mobile spying software mspy. There are actually quite a few of them, but this one looked the best.

I went to check their website and was rather surprised as it said parental control. WTF is parental control? I mean I need to spy on my wife, what the hack this has to do with parental control?

But what I saw next made me rethink it. This app can track almost anything on the target phone. It can do this remotely and has hidden mode (!!!). The last thing was the most important in my case. So why shouldn’t I try? I thought, no matter whether this is parental app or not, if it can not be seen and track what I need, at the end of the day, who cares?

I went ahead, spoke to some people in chat and made-up my decision to go ahead. Surprisingly and luckily for me, my wife had highly compatible model of Samsung, which meant, I would literally see anything from her phone.

It was quite tricky to get her phone to install the app. She would take it with her everywhere and I though I will never get a chance to get it. I made one very unsuccessful attempt actually – I tried to unlock her phone in the bathroom when she was taking shower, when the message suddenly arrived. She would stop the water to take it and there was I, having put her phone to a completely different place just a second ago. I can’t remember how I explained that, but she became even more cautious.

But, by the corner of my eye I noticed short “I miss you..”. I know, I should have talked to her right then right away, but I wanted more proofs and I wanted a revenge.

About 1 week later this dump girl left her phone on the kitchen table next to her coffee cup while she went upstairs to dress. That’s it. She was clever enough to deleted all the messages and photos. So what I did – I put a spy system on her phone.

Messages started arriving the next day. Nothing wrong about them, rather friendly ones from someone named as Joe. According to the records Joe was working in the bank helping my wife with some deals. 3 days later she traveled to Austin, as she said. It looked all good until a selfie of them kissing arrived.

1 month later we divorced. We had this very unpleasant talk and I showed her the photos. There was nothing she could say. I could never forgive her. And you bet it, she didn’t get anything from me.

Now, if you suspect that your girl or wife is unfaithful, do not loose another year trying to comfort them. The problem is not in you. I wish I could get mspy earlier, that would save me a lot of trouble.

Watch yourself and share your experiences if you’d like to in comments.

Step by step guide how to find out that if wife is cheating

  1. Go to this website , choose your package and go to checkout page. On checkout page use the promocode PM15FD – it will give you 15% discount. Support people will not give you any discount, I found this one on a forum, so do not loose it!
  2. Tell people in chat you would like to track your child. As long as they think you are, you can ask them any questions about how it all works and whether it will work for you.  Also, they ask your child’s age while setup process. I wrote “10 years”, and that worked. I think, support (or anyone else) doesn’t check the ages and all other info at all.
  3. You need to get access to the phone if this is Android and icould login and password for iphone. My wife had Samsung which I gifted her long ago, so this was rather easy.
  4. One you buy the system, try to connect it ASAP as they charge on a monthly basis and you don’t want to loose any time.
  5. Message here what you found out if you got a chance. I can help you with what I already know but I’m not a super technical geek.

P.S. I am now happy with my new girlfriend and it’s real!